I'm trying to cut down on the number of profiles in one of my Orgs. One way we're using profiles is to enforce business rules, like "Only a ZZZ user may close opportunities as won," which we do by checking the Profile ID:

    <description>Only the system admin and ZZZ users
                 can update the stage to closed won</description>
                             AND(ISCHANGED(StageName), IsClosed=True, IsWon=True),
                             NOT(OR($User.ProfileId == '00eA0000000RhUw', 
                                    $User.ProfileId  == '00eA00000013Vro'))
    <errorMessage>You do not have the necessary access to mark an opportunity
                  &quot;Closed Won&quot; Please ask a ZZZ to do it for you.

For almost all other purposes, ZZZ users are identical to other users in their department, and I'd like to combine the profiles while making a permission set for ZZZ users. But I can't figure out what I'd do with validation rules like these. Is there a way to reference permissions/permission sets from formulas? If not, are there other approaches you've seen for this?

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I believe such a problem can be solved at the profile level using the new custom Permissions feature and $Permission global variable that is available in Validation Rules/ VF Pages.

     AND(ISCHANGED(StageName), IsClosed=True, IsWon=True),

For more information on Custom Permissions.


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There is an open Idea to allow the usage of Users Permission Sets in Formulas, Validation Rules and Lookup Filters.

Alternatively, you could create a Field on the User object to store the permission set name. It could be comma separated for multiple permission sets on a single user. This field would then be used in the validation rule. Source idea from j020.


Found this article - hope it helps.



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