I have create a email service to which I have a class attached to create contact record. When I send email from Gmail, redifmail I am able to receive email and contact is created but when I send a email from my personal company email id (myname@company.com) with company domain name I am not able to receive email. I have added the my company domain to my email service. When I send a email from my company domain I am getting error message to my email id.

An error occured while trying to deliver the attached email. You may wish to report the following information to the owner of email_services@teaq.ap1.apex.salesforce.com. SenderAuthentication: No authentication check passed. The attached email could not be processed because: No authentication check passed. Final-Recipient: rfc822; email_services@iyr2.9-wr3teaq.ap1.apex.salesforce.com Action: failed Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 551 SenderAuthentication: No authentication check passed. Status: 5.5.1 Please guide me how can I solve this issue.

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Go to the email service and make sure that advanced email security is not checked.

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