I'm using a trigger to insert a list of invoices to a contract object, what I want to do is for the iterations of the loop have the Effective_date__c have todays date, then the second iteration be for next month and so on, is that possible?

if (sc.Payment_Type__c == 'monthly'){ //sc is the service contract
    List<invoice__C> invoiceMonthly = new list<invoice__C>();
    for(Integer intr = 0; intr < 12; intr++)
        i.effective_date__c = date.today();
        i.vat__c = '13.5%';
        i.Service_Contract__c = sc.id;
        i.Invoice_date__c = date.today();
        i.Due_date__c = date.today();
        i.Net_Value__c = sc.TotalPrice/12;
    }//end for intr
    insert invoiceMonthly;
}//end if monthly
  • What is an iteration in your example? – greenstork Nov 19 '14 at 16:48

It sounds like you want something like this:

Date d = Date.today().addMonths(intr);
i.effective_date__c = d;

This makes use of the Date class's addMonths method.

If you want to move to the first day of the next month instead, please add that to the question.


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