I'm trying to create a validation rule for our phone numbers. Every number has 3 parts:

  • Country Code (numerical, min. 1 digit, max 3 digits, starts with '+')
  • Area Code (numerical, min. 1 digit, max 4 digits, cannot start with 0)
  • Number (numerical, no digit limit, cannot start with 0)


+32 12 1234567

+359 123 1234567899

I checked many examples, unfortunately I cannot find out how to say that every parts' digit numbers should be variable (country code could have min. 1 and max. 3 digits) and cannot start with 0

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The solution I just came with:



[+] (the obligatory "+" at the beginning)

Country Code:

\d\d?\d? (min 1 digit, max. 3 digits)

\s (whitespace)

Area Code

\d\d?\d?\d? (min 1 digit, max. 4 digits)

\s (whitespace)


\d+ (min 1 digit)

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