Can anyone assist me in coming up with a formula/roll up summary for the Account object that will give a numerical value from calculating the number of related contacts


You can install the Declarative Rollup Summary Tool, which was created by the CTO of FinancialForce and is a free utility which enables you to create rollup summaries really neatly across master-detail and lookup relationships declaratively.

You can find more information on this here: https://github.com/afawcett/declarative-lookup-rollup-summaries.

The declarative lookup rollup summary you would want in order to achieve the # of contacts per accounts is:

Lookup Rollup Summary Name: 'Number of Contacts per Account' Parent Object: Account Child Object: Contact Relationship Field: AccountId Field to Aggregate: Id Aggregate Operation: Count Aggregate Result Field: Number_of_Contacts__c Active: Yes Calculation Mode: Realtime Calculation Sharing Mode: User


I am not sure you can achieve this declaratively, if there is then i would be interested myself :)

The alternate method would be to write a trigger on contact object to update the realtime count value of related contacts.

/* Provide summary of Number of Contacts on Account record */

trigger ContactSumTrigger on Contact (after delete, after insert, after undelete,
after update) {

    Contact[] cons;
    if (Trigger.isDelete)
        cons = Trigger.old;
        cons = Trigger.new;

    // get list of accounts
    Set<ID> acctIds = new Set<ID>();
    for (Contact con : cons) {

    Map<ID, Contact> contactsForAccounts = new Map<ID, Contact>([select Id
                                                            from Contact
                                                            where AccountId in :acctIds]);

    Map<ID, Account> acctsToUpdate = new Map<ID, Account>([select Id
                                                                  from Account
                                                                  where Id in :acctIds]);

    for (Account acct : acctsToUpdate.values()) {
        Set<ID> conIds = new Set<ID>();
        for (Contact con : contactsForAccounts.values()) {
            if (con.AccountId == acct.Id)
        if (acct.Number_of_Contacts__c != conIds.size())
            acct.Number_of_Contacts__c = conIds.size();

    update acctsToUpdate.values();


Note: This code is taken from http://www.ericsantiago.com/eric_santiago/2009/12/contactscases-rollup-for-accounts-in-salesforce.html. The credit for this code goes to the author

Hope this helps

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