Its not nice to pass the parameters in the LP and which is visible in URL ...i.e. &id=123 or sth

Is it possible to encode it and then decode it in LP to capture the parameters (RequestParameter) in the landing page?? AMPSCRIPT??


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Yes, it is possible. I've done this very thing. Let's say the link you send today looks like:


In the email, you would build it something like:

      SET @queryStringPart2 = EncryptSymmetric("USE_ENCRYPTION_OF_CHOICE",  &emailAddress=test@test.com&id=123", "etcetera")
      SET @newLink = Concat("http://pages.exacttarget.com/page.aspx?QS=773ed3059447707d9cf0f7f1ffa7a5cc", "&encrypted=", @queryStringPart2)

Then to decode on landing page:

    SET @qsPart2 = QueryParameter("encrypted") /* gets the encrypted string */)
    SET @DecryptedString = DecryptSymmetric("DECRYPTION_OF_CHOICE", @qsPart2)
/* Use Substring or regex to parse the decrypted string */


Hope this helps!

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