I am trying to create a table of the list of competitors on the opportunity. this list will be shown as part of a VF email template. Like the opportunity team, opportunity partners and so on, I assume I can also present the opportunity competitors. I am trying to write this:

<apex:repeat var="competitor" value="{!relatedTo.OpportunityCompetitor}">



but the system just shouts:

Error: Invalid field OpportunityCompetitor for SObject Opportunity

I looked in the documentation for the API name of competitors and only found "OpportunityCompetitor"

I would be thankful if you could help me solve this.



Well I think you are just missing an 's'. It should be OpportunityCompetitors assuming relatedTo is the opportunity.


Opportunity relatedTo = [Select Name, Id, (Select Id, CompetitorName,Strengths,Weaknesses From OpportunityCompetitors) From Opportunity where id =: someOpptyid];

VF Page

    <apex:repeat var="competitor" value="{!relatedTo.OpportunityCompetitors}">

Option 2

If you are using the Opportunity standard controller, then you can simply do this

 <apex:page standardController="Opportunity" >

        <apex:relatedList list="OpportunityCompetitors"> 


  • thanks AslamK! this actually solved one problem and got me closer to the finish line but unfortunately I am not there yet :) Now it does not let me reference ANY of this object's fields! So annoying! Do you have a clue?
    – Shvek-Vek
    Nov 12 '14 at 12:15
  • What do you mean that id does not let you reference any of the object? Are you querying that related object and its field in your controller?
    – AslamK
    Nov 12 '14 at 13:31

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