Can any one help out in this test class. Why do i get an Error as :

Error: Compile Error: unexpected token: '}' at line 27 column 0.

The test class written is right or do i'm making any mistake? Any help is very much appreciated.

Trigger :

trigger ReparentComment on CaseComment (before insert) {
    Map<String, Case> newCaseMap = new Map<String, Case>();
    Set<Id> caseIds = new Set<Id>();
    Map<Id, List<CaseComment>> ccMap = new Map<Id, List<CaseComment>>();
    for(CaseComment cc : trigger.new)
        List<CaseComment> ccList = ccMap.get(cc.ParentId);
        if(ccList == null)
            ccList = new List<CaseComment>();
        ccMap.put(cc.ParentId, ccList);
    for(Case c : [Select Id, Subject From Case Where Id in :caseIds Order by CreatedDate])
            for(CaseComment cc : ccMap.get(c.Id))
                cc.ParentId = newCaseMap.get(c.Subject).Id;
            newCaseMap.put(c.Subject, c);
for(Case c : [Select Id, Subject From Case Where Subject in :newCaseMap.keySet() And Id not in :caseIds And Status != 'Closed'])
    for(CaseComment cc : ccMap.get(newCaseMap.get(c.Subject).Id))
          cc.ParentId = c.Id;

Test Class :

Public class TestReparentComment{

    static testmethod void testReparentComment(){

        list <CaseComment> casecomment = new list<CaseComment> ();


        CaseComment cc = new CaseComment(commentBody = 'Testing for the comments to appear in the description' ,ParentId = c.Id);




    insert casecomment ;


    list <CaseComment> insertedcasecomment = [Select Id ,CommentBody ,ParentId from CaseComment where Id IN :casecpmment ];

    for(CaseComment cc :insertedcasecomment)


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    – cropredy
    Commented Apr 13, 2015 at 4:38

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The { and } signs in lines 8 and 14 of your test class are incorrect. Remove them and it will work better.

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