I have a query similar to this in one of our apps,

 List<Account> accountList = Database.query('SELECT Id,Name FROM Account WHERE Id IN:accIds');

But Checkmarx always gives SOQL Injection Error in report even when we are using variable binding. I also tried eascaping every single element in accIds, but still checkmarx gives SOQL Injection error. Can someone help in resolving this issue?

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    As this is a false positive (assuming your SOQL follows the same pattern) all you can do is note that it is a false positive when you submit your app for security review. The Checkmarx scanner has its limitations. Trying to construct a pattern that satisfies the Checkmarx scanner is introducing complexity for no reason. – Keith C Nov 5 '14 at 17:47

This sample code should not result in a SOQL injection finding as the scanner knows about bound variables -- if it does, please forward your code to sourcescanner@salesforce.com and we will investigate the issue.

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