I have a query regarding the matching of two alphanumeric values. Suppose like i have a first alphanumeric value say 185,Bakers Street,London and the same second one like 185BakersStreetLondon (without special characters) . how we can match these in apex code?


It's not ideal but you could use getLevenshteinDistance to figure out how close the two Strings are. See the example below:

String s = '185,Bakers Street,London';
System.debug(s.getLevenshteinDistance(s)); // Outputs 0
System.debug(s.getLevenshteinDistance('185BakersStreetLondon')); // Outputs 3
System.debug(s.getLevenshteinDistance('123 Fake Avenue, Manchester')); // Outputs 22
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It depends on how strict you want to be with what you consider to be a match. For example, should the comparison be case-sensitive? But if you just want to remove special characters and then compare the 2 strings, something like this should work.

String myStringWithoutSpecial = '185BakersStreetLondon';
String myStringWithSpecial = '185,Bakers Street,London';
String charactersToRemove = '[^a-zA-Z0-9]'; //Remove anything that's not a letter or number
String myStringCleaned = myStringWithSpecial.replaceAll(charactersToRemove,'');
System.assertEquals(myStringWithoutSpecial, myStringCleaned);
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