Can anyone please provide recording of useful dreamforce technical sessions. I know recording for Marc Benioff and some other management sessions are available. But Can anyone provide link for dreamforce technical sessions.


The Dreamforce '14 sessions are available here. Specifically, you can filter on Developer and Architect sessions. Some great sessions I attended include:

I want to watch a bunch more, like Faster SOQL? Yes, Please.

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  • This link has died & redirects to registration. I can still get at recordings for years I attended w/ success.salesforce.com/Ev_MyAgenda?eventId=[insert an ID here] but wasn't at 2014. Does anyone who was have a direct link to the video of a session referred to at github.com/Xtremefaith/Pardot-API-Example where the author claims to have heard that "managed packages" are good for credentials storage? He doesn't specify which, but perhaps someone was there... Thanks! – k.. Jun 23 '16 at 19:05

All session videos can be found here.

enter image description here

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