I am using Jitterbit to confirgure data transfer to and fro my MySQL database. My requirement is such that I need to fetch newly created records from Salesforce into my database every hour.

For this purpose,I have been searching time functions like NOW() or SYSDATE to go in my WHERE clause, however, I could not find any.

Can someone please suggest a work around or a native function to serve the purpose?

Thanks in advance.

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In SOQL there is a built in syntax for LAST_N_DAYS, but for this case your will have to construct a date literal string (see Date Formats and Date Literals) so your query becomes e.g.:

SELECT Id, ... FROM Account WHERE CreatedDate > 2005-10-08T01:02:03Z

Note that no quotes are used.

Jitterbit appears to have functions to produce formatted dates but I don't know whether they can be injected into the query string.

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