Just fixed an unfortunate bug. I was trying to concatenate a string. But it kept getting replaced by the string it should have been adding. Couldn't figure it out for a while.

I was doing the operation like this:

attendeesListFormatted =+ attendeeFormated;

Took me a while to see my dyslexic mistake. Then I wondered why is that valid? Wouldn't it encounter an unexpected character after the assignment?

Then it occurred to me that maybe Apex was treating it as a null concatenation. Like so:

attendeesListFormatted = '' + attendeeFormated;

Can anyone think of another reason my mistake wouldn't thrown an error?


That is exactly what it is:

Integer i;
i += 1;

This give dereference null object error

i =+ 1;

I is now equal to one.

I cannot find this documented in the Salesforce Operators documentation though.

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    It makes sense if you read it like i = +1 – rael_kid Oct 24 '14 at 18:38

As Lex commented, what you have with i =+ 1 is the Assignment operator (Right associative) and the positive equivalent of the Unary negation operator : the Unary Plus Operator.

It does seem odd that you can use a unary operator on a string, were the + is otherwise used for concatenation with two operands. Typically the Unary Plus Operator requires a numeric operand. In this case I'd expect an Integer or Double.

See Understanding Expression Operators

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