i have declared a set of id's. I initially added 2 different account id's to set as below

 Set<id> acctSet = new Set<id>();

Now for each of the above Accounts, they have 2 to 3 contacts respectively. Now i am querying them.

 List<Contact> Cons = new List<Contact>([select id, AccountId from Contact where accountid IN :   acctSet ORDER BY CreatedDate ASC NULLS LAST LIMIT 1]);

Now the above results shows only one account and its related contact(As i Limited result to 1). is this the correct behavior of sets or am i missing something. My expected output is like it should get related first created contact for both accounts.


The limit of 1 limits the results to 1 record TOTAL not one per account

If you want 1 per account your query would have to be

[Select ID, (select id, AccountId from Contacts ORDER BY CreatedDate ASC LIMIT 1) From Account where ID IN :   acctSet];

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