I have a custom object called Partner__c

It has two lookup relationships to Contact standard object as shown below.

enter image description here

But in Page Layout I am unable to see the Contact object available in the Related List.

enter image description here

I assumed that if you have a lookup relationship in Y object to X object, then X object can be exposed as a Related List to Y object.

For Example

Y.Foreign_Key = X.Primary_Key

Am I wrong ?

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Since the lookup is from Partner to Contact, you'll see only fields on the "child" side of the relationship. If you go to Setup > Customize > Contacts > Page Layouts, you can add both related lists (Billing Partners and Business Partners, or whatever you called them) to your contacts' related list section. From your example, Y.Foreign_Key = X.Primary_Key, Y.Foreign_Key appears a field on Y, but appears as a child relationship (related list) on X.

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