i am facing a issue for salesforce sites function. As i know, salesforce sites function in production org have 60h per day. but, my customer said that the 60 hours pre day can not match the requirement. After i try to get some answer from google. looks like not get any information.

So, my question is

1, if pay the money, can SFDC raise the hours per day.

2, If there some other ways for publish data to vf page. And i can get data without login.


One thing that you need to understand is this is rolling limit .Means if site remains without hit for sometime these limits starts rolling back .

You can surely contact salesforce for increasing these I believe .You can discuss with your account executive .Please note I am not salesforce employee to confirm that they agree but in past for a client I had managed to get it increased .

Also using cache attribute to true will help in preventing this limit to reach.

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