Is it possible to change or add target organization on salesforce sandbox?

  • Prasad, do you want to add more possible sandboxes to deploy to, or are you wondering whether it's possible to add the destination of a change set once it's uploaded ? Putting more effort in a question and adding sufficient detail helps us help you. Oct 23, 2014 at 9:51

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In order for change sets to be sent from one organization to another, a deployment connection is required between the organizations. Check the below link for more information.

Deployment Connections


After you uploaded the change set to a target organization, you can't change it again and only upload it again to that organization. You could however clone the change set, save it (under the same or a different name) and then upload it to another target organization.

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  1. go to your target instance , then Setup , which is located @ https://SFDC.InstaceDomainName/lightning/setup/SetupOneHome/home

  2. Left hand search box , key in "Deployment Settings"

  3. you will see list of connection there tell the relationship between instance.

  4. Click "edit" , then check "Allow Inbound Changes" to accept upload

  5. Now this target instance name will automatically populated on source instance "Outbound Change Sets" screen

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