I have some production functionality that has recently stopped working and I am looking for "proof" that it happened due to the winter '15 release.

Is there any place where the release dates for past release (such as the winter 15) are still available?

They are no longer under scheduled maintenance.


I'm not sure if this is strictly authoritative, but a few slides in, it shows the roadmap and I believe the schedule was adhered to: http://www.slideshare.net/RoyGilad/salesforce-winter-15-release-overview

Are you just trying to confirm the date that it was rolled out?

  • Thanks! Yes, just want to confirm the dates. I never really thought about this before but it's very odd that this information isn't available. – Greg Grinberg Oct 20 '14 at 22:02
  • Yeah, I recall having to track down something like this before and having to find someone's presentation or speaking notes. – Kendric Evans Oct 20 '14 at 22:03
  • 1
    I've also used archive.org Wayback Machine snaps of trust.salesforce.com. – Thomas Taylor Oct 21 '14 at 2:54

Search for "Season YY" site:blogs.salesforce.com

For example, "Winter 14" site:blogs.salesforce.com

Here are the dates for EU1 for the past couple of years.

Winter ’15 - 17 Oct 2014
Summer ’14 - 18 Jul 2014 – delayed release
Spring ’14 - 18 Apr 2014 – delayed release
Winter ’14 - 12 Oct 2013
Summer ’13 - 15 Jun 2013
Spring ’13 - 09 Feb 2013

Or as one of the comments says, you can use archive.org.


This is perhaps a bit unorthadox, but it came up when answering the twitter question:

How do I see when Winter '16 was released for my org (na16)? The calendar on Trust goes back only to March #askforce
Krystal D Carter

I found that the RSS feed from the trust site included details about the release, but only went back a limited number of days.

So I jumped over to the web archive and looked for snapshots around the suspected date.

I found that Winter '16 went live on na16 17th Oct 2015 Source.

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