I have an aggregate query on the Lead object. The query returns a list of Leads grouped by website (custom field) in a specific order based on a MAX of a date attribute.

Say once we iterate through the List, the ordered list of websites is ["websiteB", "websiteF", "websiteA"].

What if I want to re-query against the Lead object, and order the leads by this list of websites?

In mySQL, I could do an ORDER BY FIELD(..., ..., ..), or perhaps a case-when (see here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1244028/sql-order-by-list-of-strings). Any ideas in SOQL?

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In SOQL you need to add a formula field called e.g. WebsiteOrder__c to hold the case expression:

"websiteB", 100,
"websiteF", 200,
"websiteA", 300,

and then just order by that field.


You can use Order By in SOQL as well, and you can have Order By multiple fields.

list<Contact> cons = [Select Id, Name From Contact Order By LastName, FirstName, CreatedDate];


  • We only want to ORDER BY one field; website. And that ordering would be defined by the list of strings I stated (["websiteB", "websiteF", "websiteA"]), it wouldn't be alphabetic. For example, this would be a valid result I want: 1: Lead.website = websiteB 2: Lead.website = websiteB 3: Lead.website = websiteF 4: Lead.website = websiteF 5: Lead.website = websiteA
    – John
    Oct 19, 2014 at 0:43

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