We have a Custom Object called "CaseEvents" which is a child to the parent standard object "Case".

Case-CaseEvents is 1:M relationship.

I would like to perform the following configuration

a) Add/Remove few fields that come as part of the standard lookup on CaseEvents

b) Apply a filter that will show only CaseEvents whose Type ="Immediate"

c) Allow another field as searchable For Eg : CaseEvents.Location to be searchable.

So if I type "Boston" I should be seeing all CaseEvents whose Location is "Boston".

Can someone tell me at a high level as how this can be done ?

  • Where are you performing these searches from that these are the requirements? Are you adding lookups from other custom objects to CaseEvent? Oct 17 '14 at 14:13
  • This will be a lookup on the Case object..This lookup will show only those children CaseEvents records which are of "Immediate"type and where the user will be able to select one record.
    – Varun
    Oct 17 '14 at 14:15

Refer to Customizing Search Layouts for displaying specific fields, Enabling Enhanced Lookups for filtering on fields other than Name, and About Lookup Filters for restricting search results.

A note on filtering in your case. You'll want to make sure you include only CaseEvents that are related to your Case, not just those that have a certain Location value.

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