I have found the useful BeatBox API. From my understanding we can use BeatBox to upload Attachments to Salesforce. However, how can we mass download Attachments via Python?


Here's a script I've written that downloads Salesforce Attachments and Documents: https://github.com/ekenigsberg/sfpy-fileexport-soap

It's adapted from an earlier (non-python) Windows script I wrote: http://bit.ly/aboutfileexporter


I peeked in the Beatbox code. This is very minimalistic module and I did not found any references to objects attachments. My recommendation is to user SFDC REST API. You'll need to authenticate via OAuth and get the following resource for object.

For both: OAuth and REST you'll find modules for python. You can also consider using pyCurl.

  • Much Thanks for your answer, I will share when I successfully download bulk attachment :) – Jutamat Phothisitthisak Oct 21 '14 at 11:36

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