Hello ExactTarget and Salesforce experts,

This time, I need a little help in understanding how ExactTarget and Salesforce work together...

In this question I will be referring to a previous question, so for starters, here's the link:

ExactTarget: Common data loading strategies?

I would like to take another step back and look at how ExactTarget and Salesforce are integrated into eachother. I had this naive notion that customers/contacts are automatically synchronized to and from ExactTarget from and to Salesforce. After researching a little and finding various Apps on AppExchange which do more or less that, I am not that sure that this works out of the box anymore.

So, my questions are the following:

  • There does not seem to be an "out-of-the-box-automatic-no-worries" synchronization mechanism in place for getting data between Salesforce and ExactTarget; is that correct?

For propagating customer data changes, our company would have two possibilities:

  • Leveraging a third party app for the ET-SF synchronization (like, Cazoomi; other suggestions?)
  • Implementing a custom integration (based on e.g. IBM Cast Iron) just as the one we will have between our SAP system and Salesforce, effectively treating ET as a totally independent data source and sink.

Is there anybody here who has experience with such Enterprise scenarios?

In referral to my previous question: The decision on how to synchronize between SF and ET will have an impact on which data has to be loaded into ET and by which means. If there exists a sync between ET and SF as an App, only data not available inside Salesforce would need to be loaded into ET using a generic ETL tool.

Any input is appreciated.

Best regards, Martin

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My previous answer is now rather deprecated. The v5 Connector has now been renamed to Marketing Cloud Connect. This still enables you to create Import activities like the previous connector, however you can now use the Data Stream feature in Contact Builder to synchronize fields between a Salesforce Object and a Data Extension. Note that this feature does not synchronize the records (as they are effectively importing to a Data Extension), but you can update which fields are synchronized.

To update data from a Marketing Cloud Data Extension to Sales Cloud, you can either use a Script Activity in an Automation, which requires using SSJS with the Sales Cloud REST API, or alternatively use the UpdateSingleSalesforceObject AMPscript function to update a record — for example, in an email at send time, or when a form is submitted on a CloudPage.

  • does this connector support realtime or near realtime data sync to SFDC? Or it is just periodic sync?
    – LakhanP
    Commented Dec 5, 2018 at 12:11
  • 1
    It’s a scheduled upsert every 15 minutes (or a longer interval). Commented Dec 5, 2018 at 18:37

I'd be looking at using the Salesforce v5 Integration and using Salesforce Data Extensions. With this integration, you can send to Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Campaigns and Person Account objects within Salesforce.

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