I have installed the CTI Tool and Demo Adapter 4.03. I would like to have the CTI Tool automatically recognize the caller´s phone number and popup a split screen in the service console of the account with that phone number.

I have made it work with Case.CaseNumber by editing the Casenumber to an existing one in my org in the demo_menu.xml file in the Demo Adapter directory. But for some reason, it does not recognize Account.Phone or Account.Id.

What can I do to get the CTI Tool recognize the Account.Phone?


We have international and domestic campaign in dialer and what we noticed it if you store phone number without country code and you search SFDC with same number but country code prefixed, it doesn't return any result. Open CTI doesn't recognize phones number in LIKE search way. Try this and share you result.

As a tip : Add you objects which you want to search via Open CTI API in call center settings.

Salesforce CTI integration, setting up Open CTI sample application


I have seen sometimes, when you add an account/contact using your user profile, the other users may not be able to see the Account/contact. So, use admin profile user to create accounts and contacts and see this issue goes away.

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