I am using Jitterbit cloud data loader to sync a local MySQL database with my salesforce Objects. While most of the objects can be found, I am facing following issue. I would be grateful if i can be helped or guided about following issue:

While i can found most of the tables in jitterbit while making a query, i cannot find Accounts table. Strangely, no one is facing a similar issue and the only hint i could get from internet was to check my proxy setting which i did.

Account table cannot be found

I tried to check if accounts object in particular has any security check that prevents it to be viewed in Jitterbit, but nothing such was found.Has anyone faced a similar issue?Is there a work around?

Thank you

  • Did you get a chance to look into my answer? Oct 12, 2014 at 5:54
  • yes, i just did, and it is the case.
    – Salik
    Oct 13, 2014 at 6:16

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It happens when you rename the objects. For example, in my developer org "Account" is renamed as "Company"

enter image description here

So, when I search for "Account", I get only the following objects

enter image description here

but when I search for "Company" I get the actual Account object listed as "Company"

enter image description here

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