I am brand new to ExactTarget and their C# SDK/API. I am having no luck on what should be the simplest of tasks.

I am trying to use the FuelSDK-CSharp objsamples project to simply retrieve a Subscriber. The sample code in Sample_Subscriber.cs always returns empty response.Results when doing a Get. I never receive a Subscriber. I did realize I needed to add a SubscriberKey to each request. The Post/Patch/Delete requests all work properly. However, the Get request seems to succeed, but without returning data. I have tried filtering on both EmailAddress and SubscriberKey.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! -Kevin


This works for me:

        ET_Subscriber sub = new ET_Subscriber();
        sub.AuthStub = client;
        GetReturn response = sub.Get();
        foreach (ET_Subscriber subscriber in response.Results)
            litResponse.Text = litResponse.Text + "EmailAddress: " + subscriber.EmailAddress + " Status: " + subscriber.Status.ToString() + "<br/>";
  • Thank you Victor for the response. I just learned that the Get functionality works, just not on the data I was querying. My test program creates a new Subscriber, and immediately tries to Get it using a filter. This still fails. When I tried doing the Get without a filter it returned plenty of data. I was able to filter on the pre-existing data, but not the records I have created. I am able to verify my Create works, because I can Update and Delete the records I create. It seems to me that there is something in the create that prevents it from being found. Oct 9 '14 at 21:19

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