I am working with the new JSON Parsing functionality, and I have an API URL that contains a JSON string. I have created one Visualforce Page that displays JSON string data in an apex:pageblockTable in record format from that API URL.

Now I want to insert that JSON string into custom object records. How can I insert new records from JSON string to my custom object?

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    Can you provide your code ? – SF_user Oct 9 '14 at 11:52
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    What you have tried so far? – SFIntegrator Oct 9 '14 at 12:58

Please have a look at this post http://sudipta-deb.blogspot.in/2014/10/json-parsing-with-apex-in-salesforce_17.html

The above link will tell you how to parse and display JSON Data into Tabular format. Now in order to store the same into sObject use below functionality-

public class CountryController {
private List<CountryDataWrapper> countryDataWrapper;

public void parseJSONData(){
    countryDataWrapper = new ParseMultipleJsonData().parse();

public List<CountryDataWrapper> getCountries(){
    return countryDataWrapper;

private void insertCountryInformation(){
    List<Country__c> allCountries = new List<Country__c>();
    for(CountryDataWrapper aCountryDataWrapper : countryDataWrapper){

        allCountries.add(new Country__c(
            Name = aCountryDataWrapper.countryName,
            Capital__c = aCountryDataWrapper.countryCapital,
            Currency__c = aCountryDataWrapper.countryCurrency

You can do this very easily using <apex:remoteObjects>.

First you will want to define the fields on the object you care about. Here's how you do it for the Contact object.

<apex:remoteObjects >
    <apex:remoteObjectModel name="Contact" jsShorthand="cont" fields="Name,Id,FirstName,LastName,Phone,Email,Title,AccountId">

This can appear anywhere within your <apex:page> tag.

Next you'll want to write the Javascript to parse the JSON and insert the new record.

//Create the JS object from the JSON
var contactFromJSON = JSON.parse('{!YOUR_JSON_HERE}');

//Function to Create Contact record
function Createcontact(contact){
    var createCon = new SObjectModel.cont({
        FirstName: contact.FirstName,
        LastName: contact.LastName,
        Title: contact.Title,
        Phone: contact.Phone,
        Email: contact.Email});

Then the code to insert the new Contact will just pass the Object which is taken from the JSON as an argument to the function like this: createContact(contactFromJSON);

Now you've created a new Contact. Hope that answers your question. For more information about remoteObjects, see Building Single Page Apps with JavaScript and Visualforce Remote Objects.

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