While migrating from 1 sandbox to another, I faced the following issue/doubt....

  1. For migration, I chosed 2 vf tabs to move to the target sandbox. In the target instance I'm able to see the tabs but they don't appear on the tab location. Only on clicking the "+", I am able to see the 2 tabs. Do I have to manually go to each profile and customize my new tabs?
  2. My second problem. So I have developed 2 tabs, 3 custom object, 5 lookups and MD relations on already existing objects(std/custom). So when I add my new custom objects and fields and click on ADD DEPENDENCIES, I'm presented with many other fields, which I haven't even touched. Is it safe to check the all check checkbox? Also will the all check checkbox ensure that label changes on a new custom object's field.

I hope I'm clear enough. Any suggestions will be appreciated. Thanks

  1. If you want the tab settings to go through you need to also include the App where the VF tabs were added in the change set.
  2. I wouldn't recommend adding all dependencies unless you are the only developer in the org and you are completely sure nothing has changed in all the other components, I prefer to add each component even if it takes much more time.
  • 1. make sure you also include the Profiles you want to have this tab as "Default On". – Jeremy Nottingham Oct 8 '14 at 15:09

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