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is it possible to write a validation rule to make a field enabled or disabled based on picklist value?

i have a picklist - values

             cycle - monthly
                     semi annual

if picklist value is other a text field days has to be enabled

how can i achieve this?

thanks in advance

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You can use the validation rule to make sure that the record cannot be saved unless the Days text field is filled in if the picklist value is 'other'.

    ISPICKVAL(Cycle__c, "other"),

This will give the user an error if they try to save a record where the picklist value os other and the days field is left blank.

You cannot though control whether or not the days field is enabled though. You would need a visualforce page to accomplish this functionality.

  • In addition to that, you would also need the reverse validation rule to block off users filling in Days__c when Cycle__c is not "Other", thus effectively disabling the field. Oct 8, 2014 at 12:35

I would like to add to SFDC_NINJA answer you can also show and hide the days field with field dependency feature.

  • This is not possible with a text field though, which is what Days__c seems to be. Oct 8, 2014 at 12:37

Sorry for replying to a very old thread, but if people are still wanting Salesforce to add this feature, please upvote the idea in the Success Community. 10 points / vote.



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