• Custom object 'MOP' has a master-detail to Opportunity
  • Custom object 'Product Revenue Projection' has a master-detail to 'MOP'
  • Custom report type Opportunities with MOP with Product Revenue Projections

I created a report of this type, and did not apply any filters at all.

Report filters When I run this report as a system administrator, the report does not return all expected results. Eg. it should display this record, but it doesn't.

Product Revenue Projection When I tried replicating this report in another org with a similar data model, it did not encounter this issue. Any suggestions where to look at/what am I missing?

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Interaction with sfdc support solved the issue. The problem was due to an incorrect role being selected in the hierarchy for this report. This made the report to show only Opportunities of owners belonging to that role or subordinates.

Report Role

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