Related to this post, Open a visualforce page from a managed package page: URL No Longer Exists. Has anyone tried to take this a step further? The following button is on a Visualforce page in a Managed Package and is using the URLFOR method and the $Action global variable for delete. In turn, the Delete Button has been overridden by a Visualforce page in the Default Namespace. When you click the Delete Button, Salesforce uses a relative URL and you receive a URL no longer exists error because the host part of the URL is still namespaced for the managed package but the button override is a page in the standard namespace. Seems like a bug in the URLFOR method. It should detect this use case and redirect you to the standard namespace. See the button code below. Any ideas?

<apex:commandButton action="{!URLFOR($Action.Custom_Object__c.Delete, Custom_Object__c.id)}" value="Delete" onclick="return confirm('Are you sure?');" />

It is possible to fix this problem with some javascript by manipulating the onclick handler:

function fixExternalButtons() {
    $j('input.btn').each(function(index) {
        var prefix = 'PREFIX';
        var name = $j(this).attr('name');

        if (undefined !== name && name.startsWith(prefix + '__')) {
            return; //continue

        var onclick = $j(this).attr('onclick');

        if (onclick.startsWith('this.form.action = \'https://' + prefix + '.')) {
            $j(this).attr('onclick', onclick.replace('https://' + prefix + '.', 'https://c.'));

The function utilizes jquery and should be executed after the buttons have been rendered on the page.

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