OWD for Account /Opportunity and cases are private. I have formed a group in the organisation which includes only post sales consultant. The members of the group should have the flexibility to add themselves to the Account Team with the role of Post sales consultants and they they dont own the account.

Is there any way I can achieve this requirement?


To edit Account Team Members, you need Read/Edit on Accounts. If you were to create a sharing rule, you can open up access. We use the "Type" field to designate Customer vs. Prospect, so i would use the criteria below.

Type equals Customer 

Assess with Account Sharing Rule

Account Read/Write
Contact As you see fit 
Opportunity As you see fit 
Case As you see fit 

If you are not looking to use the field, or if you still need the Group to have access no matter what if there is a won opportunity, you can create a Rollup field on the Account that does a count of Won Opportunities, and share via a Sharing Rule again, if the value is >= 1. Criteria Based Sharing

You can find Sharing Rules in Setup - Security Contols - Sharing Settings. Setup Shaing Please make sure their Profile has Read/Edit permissions on Accounts also.

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