Can we automate the process of a data import operation with the following conditions ?

-> The .csv file containing the data to be imported is present in the particular folder.

-> The custom object (target object of data import) has 5 fields. 4 fields' data is available in the .csv. The fifth field should be set by the data loader itself. It is not a formula field. The fifth field will contain a string data of a Case number.

->The fifth field will be sent as one of the parameters during the batch file invocation.

  • So the dataloader should be adding a column? I'm not sure it can do that but an etl tool like talend can. – Girbot Oct 2 '14 at 6:36
  • tx..cannot we default the fifth's field value in the .sdl file ? – Varun Oct 2 '14 at 8:47

The dataloader itself cannot modify the data in the csv. However, a shell script (batch file in Windows) can modify the csv before it is passed to the dataloader for loading.

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  • tx..cannot we default the fifth's field value in the .sdl file ? – Varun Oct 2 '14 at 8:46
  • I don't think so. – Dominic Oct 2 '14 at 9:59

For Automating the apex data loader through command line refer the following liks.....

It might be useful for your scenario....



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