We have status field on contact. Once status becomes active , we have to create a Partner user and send term and condition mail to Contact email address. Once the Contact replied "accepted", then he can log in partner community .

In addition , I have to attach both emails in the contact activity history .

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The following is the rough design that I can think of for this

1) Create a trigger on contact and if status field if active create a partner User in inactive mode 2) Write a workflow on contact to mail all necessary thing with VF email template
3)You can create task in the trigger or workflow to log as an activity
4)Write an Email Service and once its accepted take the User record with that Email and activate the User
5)You can again log an activity against the contact with the Email Id .

Hope this helps

  • Thanks Mohith. I attach the email itself in activity history instead of creating task to log an activity. Oct 3, 2014 at 23:38

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