I have developed my application using mobilesdk 2.2. Everything was working fine before I have upgraded my xCode to 6.0. After upgrade when I change my app setting environment to 'sandbox' or 'custom host' it reset automatically to production.

Has someone face this issue?

I am hesitating in release build with newer sdk, Can someone help me on this?

-Manish kumar

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If you are talking about using the simulator and it not taking your SFDCOAuthLoginHost value, take a look at this GitHub issue. It looks like the simulator isn't picking up the value correctly, but if you hook up your actual device it works fine. A bit inconvenient to develop with, but sounds like your only option.



Per a response in this issue, in your iOS Simulator you can choose Reset Content and Settings. That worked for me.


  • I have tried reset but it doesn't work Oct 14, 2014 at 15:37

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