In Test class I am trying to create an event and see this event is getting logged in Open Activities or Activity History

Account a = new Account(name ='Test Account');
    insert a;

    Task t = new task();        
    t.Whatid = a.id;

    insert t;
    Task tk = [SELECT Id, LastModifiedDate,whatID,What.name FROM Task WHERE Id = : t.Id];
    system.debug('Task is '+ tk);

    List<Account>   acc=    [SELECT Id, Name, 
                            (SELECT Id, Subject,CreatedDate,LastModifiedDate FROM OpenActivities WHERE (NOT Subject LIKE '%Mass Email%') ORDER BY LastModifiedDate DESC LIMIT 1 ),
                            (SELECT Id, Subject,CreatedDate,LastModifiedDate FROM ActivityHistories WHERE (NOT Subject LIKE '%Mass Email%') ORDER BY LastModifiedDate DESC LIMIT 1  )
                     FROM Account WHERE Id =: a.Id];
    System.debug('acc in Test class ' + acc);
    // This results in USER_DEBUG|[56]|DEBUG|acc in Test class (Account:{Name=Test Account, Id=001W0000008D6QjIAK}) 

Any idea why the Task doesn't show up in the debug statement?

  • It shows up in ActivityHistory only when the status is Completed. In Progress should show up in Open Activities. Try setting a due date and the status. – techtrekker Dec 5 '12 at 8:28

Subqueries ("going down") don't show up in the debug log, most likely because it would make it grow too big.

Most of the time it's same with "going up" - add Owner.Name, Owner.Manager.Profile.Name to the query and debug will probably show only the OwnerId.

So simply add these 2 guys explicitly in the code:


As to which related list is the correct one - go to Setup -> Customize -> Activities -> Task fields -> Status and examine the "Closed" column in picklist values.

Task.Status picklist values


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