I can't find any documentation for the ant command "sf:compileAndTest", yet I see references to it in several places. Example.

When I try to run it in a ant target I get doodly squat:

[sf:compileAndTest] compileAndTest on https://test.salesforce.com, compiling 0 classes and 0 triggers, deleting 0 classes and 0 triggers

(This is after a successful deploy, I know there are classes and triggers in the target Org)

Is this ant command supported? Or are we forced to bundle test running with deployment, eg

<sf:deploy ------------ runAllTests="true"/>

I don't know much about sf:compileAndTest but:

sf:deploy can be used to do a compile and test by using the checkOnly attribute. Setting this attribute to true will mean that nothing will get saved to the server.


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