Is it possible to compare the Child and Parent field values in a Single SOQL Relationship Query ?

say get me all contacts for an account which doesn't have same name as its parent account.

SELECT Contact.Id, Contact.Name, Account.Id, Account.Name
FROM Contact
WHERE Account.Id = 'xxxxxxxxxxx' AND
      Contact.Name <> Account.Name

or get me all opportunities for an account which has same LeadSource as Account

SELECT Id, LeadSource, Account.LeadSource
FROM Opportunity 
WHERE AccountId in : accIdSet AND 
LeadSource <> Account.LeadSource

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I don't think so. The field expression in the where clause can include only 1 field name and not 2. It must be compared to a native value.


  • Thanks @folkert for the answer. I have seen this link before. I should have made it clear in my question that i m looking for possible workarounds.. Commented Sep 24, 2014 at 22:35

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