In my native iOS app, some screens are to be rendered directly from Salesforce. For example my app displays the list of all contacts available in Salesforce in a UITableView. When user selects a contact to view its details the resulting screen should be a SF page. I wanted to do this because any changes to contact details page can be done on the server end & i need not to compile the app all the time.

Can this be done. Please point in some direction.

Thanks in advance.


Given your user's current instance name and session token, you can construct a URL to any Salesforce web page and open it in a standard UIWebView (or WKWebView) without requiring the user to log in again. You can see how I wrote this in ForcePad:

- (NSString *) webURLForURL:(NSString *)u {
    return [NSString stringWithFormat:@"%@/secur/frontdoor.jsp?sid=%@&retURL=%@",
            [SimpleKeychain load:instanceURLKey],
            [[SFVUtil sharedSFVUtil] sessionId],

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