I am trying to add a custom button to my custom object. On clicking the custom button, I want to open a new event which has the "related to" field prefilled with the custom object, and the "subject" field to be prefilled with "Review Meeting".

I have tried this:


But I seem to be missing something. As far as I understood from material I read online, it should be possible, but I seem to be doing something wrong.

Tia, lily


Yes you need to reference the html page element ids.

For example

  • tsk5 = Subject
  • tsk3_mlktp = the related to object type (006 is opportunity, etc)
  • tsk3 = the related to display name
  • tsk3_lkid = the related to linked id


To discover these element ids use Firebug or similar to inspect element on the edit page for a new task: enter image description here

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