I have created PDF of Multipage, where in VF page I am using

<apex:repeat .......>
 ///////// some code
  <div style="page-break-before:always;"/>

But it adds a Blank page in the end each time, how can I avoid that one

I am trying this one, where flag=True in constructor. Note : I do not have any method written in Controller to change flags value.

<apex:pageBlockSection rendered="{!flag}">
    <div style="page-break-after:always;"/>
    <apex:param assignTo="{!flag}" value="False"/>

I thought it will execute only once


I've handled this directly as part of my Apex code by using some CSS tricks. Try this out.

<apex:variable var="cnt" value="{!0}" />    
<apex:repeat value="{!cases}" var="cse"> 
      <!-- apex:OutputText value="{!cnt}"/ -->
     <div style="{!if(cnt < 1, 'page-break-before:avoid;','page-break-before:always;')}">
     <apex:variable var="cnt" value="{!cnt+1}"/> .... .... </div> 

You can use post-processing tools such as this: PDFBox to strip the last page from a pdf. Perhaps a Heroku Rest service that accepts pdfs and returns the pdf - last page.

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