I would like to create a cross object workflow that updates a checkbox value of the child record (with true /false) with the checkbox value of the parent record (true /false) and recalculates every time the child record is edited and saved.

Ie. Value of 'Checkbox1' on Account object must be the same as value of 'Checkbox1' on opportunity object when a new opportunity record is created. Any ideas?

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Instead of a workflow rule + field update, you can make the Checkbox field in the Child object as a FORMULA Checkbox Field which directly reads the checkbox value from the Parent. this way everytime the checkbox value on the Parent record changes, the child record get it directly.

  • Go to Setup -> Customize -> Opportunities -> Fields
  • Create a new custom field
  • Select the field type as Formula and Select Return type as Checkbox
  • Enter the Formula as the Parent Object Checkbox field name

hope its clear

  • Very clear thanks. This above answer resolves the issue that I have specked out perfectly but now I also want the user to be able to modify the checkbox field on the child record. Therefore a formula field will not work in this case. Ie. When the child record is created I want the checkbox on the child record to be defaulted with whatever is on the parent, but then I want the user the have the ability to manually update the child record.
    – Clehan1
    Sep 22, 2014 at 9:41
  • 1
    Then you have to go with Workflow Rule + Field update. make the checkbox field on the child record as Normal Checkbox field and use a Field Update with Value as Account.CheckBoxFieldName to get the parent checkbox value Sep 22, 2014 at 9:51

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