I have created a junction object with name JO and have 2 other objects candidate and position, have master detail relation ship form both object to junction object. My scenario is that 1 candidate related to many position and 1 position related to many candidate. That's is why I created the junction object. I have created a record in junction object and created 3 records in candidate with junction object record same as in position I created 3 records with junction object record. Now when I go to the junction object I can see all the position and candidate records related to the junction object records, that is 3 position records and 3 candidate records. But still not able to understand how 1 candidate related to many positions and 1 position related to many candidates. Can any one here guide me what I am doing wrong or any thing else I need to do over this situation.

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Look at the following image I found on search engine: enter image description here

Here a team member is related to project. So there can be two scenarios:

  1. A team member can be related to multiple project
  2. A project can have multiple team members

To achieve this we create a object which will have reference to team member and project to establish relationship. Let's say the object name is: Project Team Member

So, for the scenario 1 you can create multiple "Project Team member" records which will have different team member in each record but same project reference. This way a team member can be related to multiple projects

For scenario 2, you can create "Project Team member" record which will have different Project reference but same team member reference.

This way multiple team members can be related to single project as well as with multiple projects and vice-versa. The best way to understand is do it practically you will understand how it is many-to-many relationship.

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