I have created a custom controller that extends a standard controller. My custom extension is defined 'without sharing'. Nevertheless, it seems to execute 'with sharing'.

I get the feeling that an extension of a standard controller always runs in user mode. Is that correct?

Here is my code:

public without sharing class SickLeaveExt {
    private SickLeave__c sickLeave;
    public SickLeaveExt(ApexPages.StandardController SickLeaveController) {
        this.sickLeave= (SickLeave__c)SickLeaveController.getRecord();

And the VF page is this: showheader="true" sidebar="true" tabstyle="SickLeave__tab"> ...

Any suggestions?

Best regards, Marco


VisualForce will enforce Sharing and Field Level Security, even though the APEX controller might not be enforcing sharing.

  • alsjeblieft Harm je eerste puntjes :-) – Guy Clairbois Sep 18 '14 at 14:27

thanks Harm, that was what i was looking for. .

I have made a workaround, here it is:

public with sharing class SickLeaveExt {

public SickLeave__c sl {get;set;} private NonSharingData globalData = new NonSharingData();

public SickLeaveExt(ApexPages.StandardController SickLeaveController) { this.sl = globalData.getSickLeave(sickleavecontroller); }

without sharing class NonSharingData {
SickLeave__c getSickleave(ApexPages.StandardController s) { SickLeave__c sl = [ SELECT Id,Name FROM SickLeave__c WHERE Id = :s.getId() ]; return sl; //by the way, return (SickLeave__c)s.getRecord(); does not work } } }

In my VF page i use sickleave instead of SickLeave__c.

I know that this is not the final solution, for anyone can manipulate the url and gets access to the record. But it gives me a way out. What i will do is add a check on who's trying to access the record. In my case, only the user that owns one of the tasks related to the record will be granted access.

Again, thanks!


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