Can we pre populate To field in Meeting Request.How to achieve this.


Is there a way create a meeting request through apex/vf page

Note: This is the Pop-Up which comes when we click on New Meeting Request Button (Open Activities Related list) On Contact/Lead/Home Objects

Meeting Request


I was able to get this popup to show up in a Custom VF page by loading in this javascript resource

<script src="/jslibrary/1413852410000/sfdc/Scheduling.js">

Then to invoke the popup I ran this javascript code, merging in the correct contact Id.

var contactId = '<<Current Contact Id>>'; navigateToUrl('javascript:void%28SchedulingProposeMeeting.openAskForMeetingDialog%28%27%2Fscheduling%2FcreateMeeting.apexp%3Fid%3D' + contactId + '%27%2C%20false%2C%20877%29%29%3B','RELATED_LIST','newproposemeeting');

I'm sure this is absolutely not supported by Salesforce and could break with any update.

  • can you please post full vf page – sfdc Nov 22 '14 at 4:13

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