I have use the following code I would like to get the radiobutton value in the apex. I have checked the one option button and click the button (to call the method OptionVlaue()) I have checked the value, but it is null.
How to get the selected radiobutton value in apex?


public String optionValue { get; set; }    
    Public void OptionVlaue(){        
        system.debug('<<option value>>'+OptionVlaue);        

VF page:

<apex:selectRadio value="{!optionValue}">
       <apex:selectOption itemValue="1"></apex:selectOption>
       <apex:selectOption itemValue="2"> </apex:selectOption>

Normally a selected value will assigned to the variable automatically when you submit the form. The syntax is very easy:

  • Define a new variable
  • Create a new select list
  • Submit the form (with an action:support for example)
  • Check selected variable in controller

Apex class:

public with sharing MyClass{

    public String selectedValue { get; set; }    

    public MyClass(){
        // Here initializing the variable. If you want to preselect some radio button  
        // just assign it value to the variable here (eg. selectedValue = '1';)
        selectedValue = '';

    public void checkSelectedValue(){        
        system.debug('Selected value is: ' + selectedValue);        


<apex:selectRadio value="{!selectedValue}">
    <apex:selectOption itemValue="1"></apex:selectOption>
    <apex:selectOption itemValue="2"> </apex:selectOption>

    <apex:actionSupport event="onchange" 

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