I a m trying to get a visualforce page as a pdf page, i am using some css code also, but on pdf page no css class is added to fields, but inline css i can add to fields, someone tell me how to add css classes with fields.

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You can add CSS via a static resource. There is more in the developer force article Creating Professional PDF Documents with CSS and Visualforce.

Use the apex:stylesheet tag along with the URLFOR function to access the static resource. For example, with a static resource of advancedpdfresource that has a css file in it called qstyles.css do:

<apex:stylesheet value="{!URLFOR($Resource.advancedpdfresource, 'qstyles.css')}"/>.

Then in your code you can use the class attribute if you are using normal HTML elements or the styleClass attribute if you are using supported standard components (e.g., apex:outputPanel, etc.). For example:

<apex:outputText value="{!myControllerProperty}" styleClass="myCssClass" />

If you are having trouble, one helpful way to troubleshoot can be to render the PDF as html instead and inspect it with a browser tool such as the Chrome developer console to see what's going on with the styles.

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