I'm trying to stop the email notifications to a community User through APEX code for the following scenarios:

  1. Welcome email for a New User creation
  2. Email notification on receiving a Private message.

I have used the following code to disable the Email notification:

userId.UserPreferencesDisableAllFeedsEmail = true;

Even then the emails are thrown to the user.
Please suggest some workaround for this.

  • I was just asking about this the other day...not a solution here but some thoughts. – jordan.baucke May 5 '15 at 0:47

did you tried "email --> Welcome New Member" check box option available on configuration page ? From there you can disable welcome email. There is any specific use case to do this using Apex code ?

  • I don't want to change the Configuration for this. I need to stop the email notifications only for the users who are created by me through the APEX code. – Naveen Sep 5 '14 at 9:38
  • Did you find an answer? I need to create over 2 million accounts and neither want to do them manually OR have them receive welcome emails. – tggagne Jan 22 '15 at 17:26
  • @tggagne - follow the advice listed here to avoid having them all go out when you enable the Welcome Message. – jordan.baucke May 5 '15 at 0:49
  1. Disable the Welcome Message
  2. Add a flag to your user records when you create them in APEX
  3. Add a workflow rule that fires when the new user record is created to send the notification

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