I have designed a report with one filter say User.Division = 'XYZ'. I have create a custom link which I am using to pass this parameter as pv0 and launching the report via the link. For example, my link is ?pv0='DivA' So my report goes like All accounts where User.Division = 'DivA';

When I access the report with Admin profile,the parameter is getting applied to the filter properly. However, when I try the same process with a different profile (but having similar access as the admin on reports), the parameter is not getting applied to the filter

I have no idea where I am going wrong. Please help.


  • did you check if the other profile has similar access to the object and fields used in the report & its filters ? – Vamsi Krishna Sep 3 '14 at 12:32

Ok, I actually found a work around, now I have created a formula in my object, which evaluates the criteria I wanted in the report, and based on the return of the formula I am generating the report.


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