I am trying to pass SubscirberID field and set as the SendableDataExtensionField but is not working. The doc for Fuel SDK say you can only use _SubscriberKey or EmailAddress.


I am not using Fuel but assuming it is the same. I want to have a field SubscriberID and relate it to the SubscriberID field on ET.

I saw this post here and I get a similar error "The SendableSubscriberField field cannot be blank.".

Fuel SDK + PHP + Sendable Data Extension

I can see it is looking for SubscriberKey in the soap but I do want to use SubscriberID. Any ideas or anyone run into this before?

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It was not in docs but I saw the pattern was "Email Adress", "Subscriber Key". So I tried "Subscriber ID" with the space in between and that worked.

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