HI I have the following field value.

  1. type (pick-list) values [daily, weekly]
  2. Count (number).
  3. end date If I choose daily and 2 in the above field. two mail should send to the owner. till the endate field.

How to achieve this?


You can achieve this by adding a 4th field: "Next Email" (Date Time). There you can store a date at which you want to send the next email.

Solution 1

  1. Create a workflow (time-based). Add a workflow action to send the email.

  2. Create a scheduled batch job. (And run your scheduled batch job every 15 min). Query all records WHERE NextEmail__c < Now. For each of these records, you can set a new "Next Email Date" based on your 3 fields above.

Solution 2

Create a trigger within the trigger you can update the next Email field based on your criteria. In a second step, you schedule a job (through your trigger).

The scheduled job updates the Next Email Field based on your criteria and send a new mail.

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